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Of Sheaves and Stars

The call of God often breaks a man before it makes him.


At seventeen, Joseph hears the voice of El-Shaddai for himself in a dual dream of harvest and heavens. But the very visions that set him apart from his brothers also fuel their disdain into a raging hatred that threatens to destroy him.


Amid the ruins of his life in Egyptian slavery, the young dreamer’s strength is tested by daily darkness that obscures the stars he was promised. Nevertheless, Joseph is stunned to recognize the unfailing grip of the Most High God drawing him into a relationship as personal as it is powerful—a covenant of the heart that will change the nations of Egypt and Israel forever.


Join one of the most famous biblical heroes in the heart-wrenching middle of his story and witness how God’s presence carried him through, bearing faithful fruit that prepared him not only for more testing but for glory.

"10/10! Kept me hooked from start to finish!"--Verified Amazon Reader

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Check out my publisher interview with Paper Raven Books:

My Brother, The King
Book 1 of trilogy

Still reeling from his father’s break with the God of Israel, Prince Jonathan is in line to inherit a throne that has already been stripped from his family. The young shepherd David is the man after God’s own heart, chosen to take Jonathan’s place. Carrying a secret anointing that won’t stay hidden, David yearns to fight alongside his childhood hero rather than against him, but his calling threatens both their lives at every turn. 


Instead of fighting to the death over a crown that can’t belong to both of them, the two young warriors forsake rivalry and pledge themselves to a friendship forged in the passionate pursuit of the God who called them—both. 


Walk alongside two Biblical heroes as they embrace the will of God through a selfless covenant that would withstand the brutal tests of family jealousy and war—a friendship that would change history.

My Rival, The King
-Book 2 of trilogy

For three years, the shepherd warrior David has been like a son to the king he’ll eventually replace. But Saul’s jealous fury burns out of control, branding David a traitor and forcing him to flee for his life. Taking refuge in the cave-scarred wilds of Judah, the young giant-killer is joined by The Mighty, a fugitive resistance group hoping to end Saul’s reign. Pursued by the king all over Israel, David grapples with the thorn in his anointing, wondering if his heart will survive the path to the throne. With a very different kind of flock depending on him now, is it right for him to persist in his vow to spare Saul?

Still honor-bound to the brother he loves and the king he no longer trusts, Saul’s son Jonathan agonizes over how to protect his wife and child from the disaster his father is inviting. Who else will have to die before David can rule?

Drawn by promises that make their hearts bleed, David and Jonathan face a battle fiercer than any Philistine’s hatred. Will their faith be strong enough to endure the wounds of weapons forged by family? Will their honor withstand the flames of what they’ll have to sacrifice for Israel’s future? Does Yahweh really want a broken king?

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My Father, The King
-Book 3 of trilogy
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David’s rise to the throne has transformed Israel into a regional superpower, but the famous shepherd-king is still searching for the missing remnant of Saul’s house he promised to save—Jonathan’s son.

Thirteen-year-old Mephi only has a signet ring to remember the days his family ruled Israel. Crippled eight years ago while escaping his father’s murderers, Mephi has learned fear and distrust under an abusive guardian who plans to profit from his royal blood. 

After barely escaping death at the hands of raiders determined to wipe out Saul’s descendants, Mephi escapes to the home of his grandfather’s old physician. But King David’s inexplicable summons forces him to confront the life he thought he’d never have. 

Caught between Jonathan’s faithful legacy and the demons Saul left behind, Mephi fights to believe that David will be strong enough to save them both from the looming prophecy of violence at their doors. When a devastating betrayal threatens his bond with the king, Mephi must decide once and for all if he has truly made peace with the past.

My Brother, the King:
A study on friendship and calling

So many of us struggle to reconcile the pursuit of our God-given anointings with the rivalries that choke relationships. We long to build each other up and be supported in return, but we can only give away what we're filled with.


Both Jonathan and his father King Saul initially loved David, the valiant shepherd boy who killed Goliath. But while Saul's affection disintegrated into jealousy, Jonathan's lasted, becoming the greatest human support in David's life. How was a powerful prince able to see his anointed replacement as a brother instead of a rival?


The answer lies in the foundation of his commitment.


This character-driven Bible study takes us between the battle lines of David and Jonathan's classic story to reveal the blessings we can receive by choosing faith over fear, even in the midst of devastating struggles. By looking at our circumstances and those around us through God's eyes, we can see the greater plan that is unfolding and fight our battles from a place of victory.

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