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Jubilee Lipsey is a freelance author, speaker, and blogger with a passion for teaching believers how to uncover the treasure of their victorious identity in Christ by exploring biblical breakthroughs. The unique personal voice she brings to biblical fiction writing invites readers into a deeper experience with the unchanging God and timeless truths of Scripture.



Christians seeking to have their faith ignited through a fresh, dramatic experience of foundational biblical stories; any readers interested in the value of the authentic lives of Scripture and what they can teach us.


Book Titles:

Of Sheaves and Stars; My Brother, the King; My Rival, the King; My Father, the King; My Brother, the King, a Study on Friendship and Calling (biblical fiction novels and a Bible study, all available online)

Speaking Topics/Interview Questions:

How do we walk out our faith through devastation? How do we reconcile the pursuit of our callings with the rivalries that choke relationships? What makes a strong biblical friendship? How does biblical fiction enhance readers' experience of the Bible itself?


Find Me Online:



YouTube: Jubilee Lipsey Unedited Jubilee Lipsey Unedited - YouTube  

Books for sale on Amazon and other online bookstores (see book link page)

Contact Information: (personal number and email upon request)

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