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Join Me On The Journey

Like every writer, I am still in the midst of my own story. It is not my desire to establish myself as an expert on every topic, but to provide honest, heartfelt encouragement from real-life experiences. I am writing from a sincere desire to learn more myself. So please join me on the journey.


I have been a student of the Bible my entire life and I am continually learning more from it. I have studied the craft of writing with the desire to grow to a professional level, but my greatest inspiration comes from the Lord and the breakthroughs He has worked in my life. I love writing from actual experience, which I have found to be more life-changing than mere theory. Any theological concepts I cover are from my personal study of and experience with them, as well as the revelation that comes from life in the Spirit. I believe personal revelation of the Truth is available to anyone desiring to go deeper with the Lord.

I understand that many of the topics I raise are deep and multi-faceted and may require more discussion than I provide in my books and posts. I would encourage anyone who wants to go deeper on a topic to pursue it beyond this website. I am happy to provide information about resources I have used, upon request. The views I express in my writing have been developed over time through daily personal study of the Scriptures and the use of many tools provided by others in the Body of Christ. I owe a lot to those who have gone before me and helped pave the way for my faith journey by sharing their own breakthroughs. It is my desire to do the same. If I can make someone else's faith walk a little easier by revealing something that helped me, I will be overjoyed. 

Credits & Use of Information

Unless otherwise noted, all written content on this site was personally written by me. All photos were either taken by me or provided by If anyone is interested in borrowing information to use elsewhere, please simply cite my article and link to the website. Thank you for your cooperation. I have received inspiration and encouragement from many authors, speakers, and songwriters. If I cite anyone's work, I intend to give them full credit for it and provide a link, if possible, to the particular work itself.

My Index of Impact sheet outlines a list of some of the books that have blessed my life more recently. For me, part of encouraging people with the written word includes pointing them to others in the community of faith who may inspire them. I never want to detract from anyone's work, especially those who have positively impacted me with what they've produced for the Glory of God. I am by no means the first person to discuss these topics, nor will I be the last. Index of Impact Titles (

Disclosure of Faith/Topics Discussed

I am a Bible-believing evangelical Christian and my views are in line with my faith. My writing reflects my honest beliefs about life, love, Scripture, and any other topics discussed. It is never my desire to alienate anyone, but I desire to maintain an accurate representation of who I am, what I believe, and how I came to those conclusions. I cannot compromise this and remain effective. As stated previously, the topics I write about are often deep and expansive and therefore will not be covered from every possible angle. In light of this, I do not expect everyone to resonate with my point of view. I am happy to answer any questions about my beliefs, with the request that all comments and inquiries remain respectful and purposeful. I reserve the right to remove or disable comments if they become antagonistic. While I am open to suggestions and requests, there will likely be some noteworthy subjects you may not see me address. Please know that this is not for lack of interest or awareness. I simply prefer to write about subjects that I have some experience with, either personally or through research. 

~Jubilee A. Lipsey 

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