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Dear Hostage Israeli Woman


My heart is breaking, troubled and confused.

With every moment of comfort, freedom, safety, and celebration I experience, I yearn for you to embrace that too.

My mind is weary with the task of comprehension. Why?

All I know is that our God is a God of Justice...even when we don't see it.

And that's where I must plant my trust and resolve.

Otherwise, my heart would darken with hatred, which wouldn't help you. Or anyone.

On your behalf, I'm embracing Yahweh's vision. In prayerful partnership with my Lord, I will see you avenged, healed, triumphing. And you will see that too, if you cling to Him, embrace His Deliverance, and don't let go.

Cry out, but don't quit!

I'll cry too, on your behalf.

But remember, He sees. He knows. He will complete His purpose for you. He didn't forget you. He sent the Messiah you've prayed for. He's borne all the weight of what you're suffering and more, ahead of time. So that you can embrace Life.

He will trample your enemies and mine. He already put them to open shame in Christ. Come and dwell in His Sanctuary so you may know this by faith, as I do!

And I will never stop praying for you.

In the Service and Love of Yeshua Ha Mashiach,

Yuval (Jubilee)

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