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Note to Readers

A big, hearty thank you to whoever has purchased, downloaded, read, reviewed, or shared my first book!

Launch day for My Brother, the King was a spectacular success, and I look forward to many more insights from readers as more people get their hands on digital and hard copies. Don’t forget, this is a series, so books two and three are coming soon, along with a Bible study that will focus on the themes of friendship and calling by exploring David and Jonathan’s relationship with God.

But before we get there, I’d like to share some insights into how these biblical fiction books should be approached. I am delighted to see so many readers already enjoying My Brother, the King, but if you’re not familiar with biblical fiction as a genre, or are curious about how it works, this post is for you!

First, even though they are based on the Scriptural stories of David, Jonathan, and Saul, these books are not meant to be read as paraphrases or translations of the Bible.

I am not simply rewriting a biblical story with things I would rather you believe instead of God’s Word. Scripture is Scripture, and whenever the Word of God is clear about something, I always go with what it says. The Bible provides a significant backdrop and plotline for biblical fiction books, making a great deal of my job that much easier!

One of my first steps in outlining these books is to read and reread the corresponding biblical accounts and make lists of all the main characters, important cities, and major plot points that will need to be addressed. But the main thing that I’m after is the heart of what these stories can teach us, and I usually find that in the characters themselves. I reimagine the story as though I was experiencing it, considering all the implications we don’t often think about, which often leads me back to Scripture over and over.

When I write these novels, I am fleshing out the drama that’s already there, hidden between the lines in plain sight in order to help people connect with the humanity of these characters and with the God who was very real in their lives. The more we can understand and relate to the biblical heroes, the more we can learn to see God’s hand in our own lives. Why? Because the God who helped David kill Goliath is still alive today, ready to move on behalf of His people! Writing these novels inspires me to live out my part of the God-story that is still going on, God’s plan unfolding in the world around us. It’s my dearest hope that reading these novels will encourage others in the same way!

Secondly, while studying the Hebrew language and ancient biblical culture is a crucial part of my writing process, absolute historical accuracy is not my number one main goal. In an effort to be as authentic as possible without being an official “scholar” or getting bogged down by excessive research, I have to assess the available information and make the best decisions I can in order to support the image I’m going for.

My desire is to have my novels agree with the time period and the culture in question, but some things need to be stretched for the purpose of the story line, and many of these topics are things that scholars have been debating for decades. I’m happy to explain certain choices I made upon request, but it’s my desire that people will allow themselves to get caught up in the story and appreciate it as a whole, understanding that I made every decision very specifically to support the evolution of the characters as well as the main structure and overarching vision of the story.

In the future, I’d love to share more about my writing process, since that has grown significantly through this particular project. I have seen God’s faithfulness fleshed out over and over in every stage of this book’s development, and I can’t wait to share some of those moments with you in hopes that you’ll be inspired to seek the Lord more deeply in the things closest to your heart.

But for now, I’m just thrilled to have book number one out there for you all to enjoy!

Please comment and let me know if you have any questions, or if anything specifically surprised or blessed you.

If these books point you back to Scripture, ignite a fresh revelation in your heart, or touch something inside you that you’ve been questioning for years, I would love to hear about it. That’s my prayer answered.

Happy reading!

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