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Our Love

His love reminds me what I said when I was strong.

His love thinks of me even when he's not.

His love stands and holds firm while the torrents try to shake him off.

His love returns, even with questions or no clear plan.

His love embraces everyday beauty as a conquest, plans ahead to enjoy the moment.

His love draws me to the garden where we began, second-by-second life lived in Him.

Love looks for the heartbeat of God, the smile of Truth lighting our path.

Love anchors us to more than us both--keeps us clinging to the Rock in the storm--the Love whose depths break us free of fear.

--The love that God has given me and my husband was spun out of the strands of the Father's own heart. His alone can hold us fast, fan the flames of commitment and passion when the selfish fingers of the flesh grasp at us and we feel run down. We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). And it's truly beautiful. I am grateful for every moment we've chosen to embrace the love of God and live in it, even when it meant short-term sacrifice of fleshly will. Because all the strength we dreamed of, all the adventure, the purpose, the dreams--it's all in Him. And it's truly beautiful.--

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