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Wake up, Davids!

A prayer for the Church in this hour

I know they're out there, Lord. The ones You've been building for years. In the pastures and on the battlefields everywhere.

Call them forth from within the Church, Lord.

Call forth the Davids who have been in the pastures all these years, building their muscles on lions and bears, meeting your faithfulness with their

obedience in what seems mundane. Feasting on praise. Building up a confidence in you that will defeat the Goliaths that have paralyzed the rest of the world. Raise them up and call them forth.

Call forth the Davids who have been in “Saul’s army” all these years, being faithful in a more public role, having to handle the very delicate gifts of fame and fortune and the praise of men while knowing that what really matters is something much deeper within them, still unseen by the rest of the world. Something that's already caused them to dodge a few spears. Raise them up and call them forth.

Call forth the Davids who have been in the wilderness, not even sure where they belong. The ones who've been so wounded that they’re fighting depression, not sure if their calling is real anymore. So tempted to pick up the swords of the world and swing them at the people of God because they’re so tired of being cast out. Send Abigails into their camps with the Spirit-filled Word of God to remind them of the Goliaths they’ve slain. Remind them that Your plan for them is good and that You will not fail to finish what You started in them, if they will return to stand before You. Heal them, equip them, and call them forth.

Call forth the Davids who have been hiding out with the Philistines. Still following You, still committed to You, but cut off from their true home. An endangered spieces in a shrinking world where nothing makes sense. Having to remain faithful in the midst of a pagan atmosphere while sitting on an anointing that points elsewhere. Call them forth and call them back to the Promised Land, daring to believe they were called and equipped to be there.

Call forth the captives who've been fighting with the enemy. The ones whose compromise has made their faith ineffective. Send Your choice armorbearers into the enemy’s camp filled with God’s Spirit to rally and rescue them. Remind them who they are. Rally them to fight in Your strength, seeing that You are with us, the only One worth fighting for.

I believe that all these years have not been wasted. All this time, You have been building strength in your people. In Jesus’ Name, I call them forth. The Davids from every area of this life of faith, every corner of the Church.

Call them forth, Holy Spirit, and enable them to take their places in this hour, filled with the confidence and humility that only comes from seeing firsthand that You are enough. When we can’t even put on a good show. When all that makes us look good and feel good is stripped away, You are enough.

Raise up the ones who believe that in this hour. The ones who have been living their lives based on that for years. Bring them forth to take their places for the sake of the Church, for the lost, for America, for the world.

For your Kingdom.

Those with nothing to prove. Those who love not their lives unto death. Those who are all in with full courage that will testify to the world as nothing else can that


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